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1.1 Items must be in new or excellent condition and clean. We will not accept items that need cleaning or repairs. We reserve the right to return any items to the Consignor that are damaged, stained or altered after the initial check. We will inform the Consignor of such an event and hold the rejected items for 1 week before disposing of the items at our sole discretion.

1.2 Items will be assessed immediately, so please allow time for staff member to sort through items. We will provide a paper receipt for accepted items, followed with an itemised price list via email. We require the Consignor to retain the receipt docket as proof of consignment and to resolve any potential issues with consignment.

1.3 Items are accepted and priced according to brand, demand, condition, and quality. We require authenticity papers for luxury designer items to ensure accurate pricing. We reserve the right to return any items found to be non-authentic to the Consignor.

1.4 The Consignor will be charged $2.00 steaming fee per item if required.


2.1 We offer three different options for consignment, The Consignor will receive a percentage of the net price (excluding GST and handling fee):

PercentCredit optionUnsold items 
45%Cash or bank transfer Returned to Consignor
50%  Cash or bank transfer  Disposed of or Donated
55%Store credit Returned to Consignor

Items under 45% and 55% consignment options will be returned to the Consignor if unsold. We will notify the Consignor via email and we will hold these items for 2 weeks. Items not collected will be donated or resold at our sole discretion.

2.3 Items are listed for 12 to 14 weeks. After 3 to 4 weeks, items are discounted by 25%-50%. The Consignor will be charged a $5.00 processing fee (per item) for collection of items before the expiry date has lapsed. The Consignor will be responsible for locating the items and requesting a retail assistant to process the return.

2.4 We will pay cash to the Consignor for amounts up to $80.00 and bank transfer for amounts exceeding $80.00.  We require the Consignor to sign for cash outs or bank transfers for security purposes. Bank transfers will be processed Wednesday & Sunday evenings.

2.5 We will list items at our Encore Ponsonby store, but we reserve the right to transport and list items at our Encore Greytown store.


3.1 We ask that the Consignor take sole responsibility to remain in contact with us regarding pricing, sales, payments and returns. We do not notify when items are sold. We will contact the Consignor via email unless requested otherwise.

3.2 We will endeavour to safeguard items, but we will not be liable for any theft or damage. The Consignor accepts all risk of loss or damage of their items.

3.3 The Consignor will absorb merchant’s fees incurred through credit card, Afterpay or Laybuy sales. The Consignor’s account will be automatically debited 3.7% of the sales price.

3.4 The Consignor acknowledges the terms and conditions of consignment. The consignment agreement is effective from the date of Consignor registration. 

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