Visable Darning

Repair clothing with visible darning giving clothing a new life.

Visible darning is a longtime used technique for repairing holes in clothing that allows you to showcase your repair work instead of hiding it. The process of visible darning is simple and can be done with just a needle and thread.

Here’s how to fix a hole in your clothing using the visible darning method:

Gather your materials: You will need a needle, thread, and a piece of scrap fabric.

Prepare the hole: Clean the area around the hole and remove any loose threads.

Cut a piece of fabric: Cut a piece of scrap fabric that is slightly larger than the hole.

Place the fabric under the hole: Centre the fabric place under the hole, with the right side facing up.

Start darning: Start darning by tying a knot in the end of your thread and inserting the needle through the fabric and the hole, pulling the thread through to the back.

Make a stitch: Make a stitch by inserting the needle back through the fabric and the hole, pulling the thread through to the front. There are many types of stitching techniques than can be used to give a different look.

Repeat the process: Repeat the process of darning, making sure to keep the stitches close together and consistent in size.

Finish darning: When you have covered the hole, knot the end of the thread on the back of the fabric and trim the excess.

The visible darning method is a great way to add a unique touch to your clothing and extend its life. The contrasting thread and the visible stitching add character and show that you care about your clothes. The next time you have a hole in your clothing, try repairing it with the visible darning method!


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